Production of Ferro Tungsten

Ferro Tungsten Picture

A large portion of the global ferro tungsten supply is manufactured in China, Bolivia, Portugal and Russia. Tungsten is found in these minerals: wolframite, scheelite, ferberite and hübnerite. The most basic definition of the ferro tungsten production process would be that the minerals are mined and converted to tungsten oxide and then heated with hydrogen or carbon to produce a powdered form that is mixed with iron. Ferro Tungsten is usually supplied in particles between 5mm and 100mm and in steel drums of 100kgs each.

Ferro tungsten is also investigated by authorities. And they have their own production methos. For example, ferro tungstem can be produced from tungsten concentrate. smelting Fe W80 on the basis of scheelite with aluminotheric method can be studied. Results showed that these products may be produced:W 79.12%~82.66%,Mn 0.064%~0.118%,Cu 0.013%~0.028%,Si 0.02%~0.70%,P 0.018%~0.020%,S 0.020%~0.028%,C 0.027%~0.032%.Compositions were up to GB3648-87.The average recovery efficiency of tungsten was about 98%. This is a study in small quantity of ferro tungsten.

Chinatungsten Online is using the method of changing the tungsten mine to tungsten oxide, and then alloyed with ferro, and this is an efficient method, which has been proved with good result in the production of ferro tungsten.