Ferro Tungsten Application

Ferro Tungsten Picture

Since ferro tungsten is made of tungsten ferro, the ferro tungsten have some applications, which are similar to the applications of tungsten and ferro. However, due to ferro tungsten is the alloy of these two elements, so it has its unique applications that have absorbed the advantages of tungsten and ferro.

The ferro tungsten alloy produced by us is used to increase the abrasion resistance power, strength to steel, to manufacture heat resistant steel and magnetic steel etc.

A good example of Ferro Tungsten usage is in high-speed steel, which may contain as much as 18% pure tungsten. These super alloys that employ Ferro Tungsten are used in the production of turbine blades and other wear-resistant coatings and parts. Other applications requiring the high density of ferro tungsten alloys are heat sinks, counter weights, ballast keels, commercial aircraft tail ballast, and nascar and formula 1 car ballast. In armaments, ferro tungsten is used in kinetic energy penetrators as an alternative to depleted uranium, but is also used in projectiles and grenades to create super-sonic shrapnel. Ferro tungsten is also used in the manufacture of game darts for the popular bar game (the Ferro Tungsten creates darts yielding smaller diameters, thus tighter groupings during play). Ferro tungsten is also found in fishing lures (as the ferro tungsten alloy beads sink rapidly).